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looking at the 13.2 split out by expense type, we see an uptick from 76% for salaries and fringe to 77%. again, 21% or 2.7 million for professional services, and the remaining 3% for materials and supplies and work orders. so, the labor costs have increased from 3 million to 3.3 million between 13-14 and 14-15. unless you have any questions, i will turn it back to the clerk of the board. >> okay, thank you, ms. landis. >> thank you. >> thank you, ms. landis. that concludes our presentation, supervisors. and thank you for your instruction this past december. we are here to answer any questions or return in february for additional information if need be. >> colleagues? supervisor avalos. >> thank you for your
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presentation. so, it is automatic there is a return in february based on our conversation today? or we can actually -- >> supervisor avalos -- >> approve your budget today and move forward. >> you could approve our budget today. however, if there were questions or deeper understanding of the budget or just a willingness to hold the budget until february, i'm happy to come back at that point. otherwise, we've provided you all of the information that you needed today to make that decision. >> thank you. well, i actually [speaker not understood] two go around, i would be okay your returning again if there are any changes. i would accept it as is. i actually am pleased to see also that we have continuation of the third staffer for the youth commission. and i've always worked with youth commission probably since 1996 and see it as a vital part of the board of supervisors.
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but also actually served as mayor as well. so, we're providing that service for the mayor's office and youth commission has done a really good job of reaching out and getting input from youth around the city and a third aid position helps with the reach of the commission to reach young people across san francisco. so, i'm willing to support that. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. i know that mario is here today. he will be going around setting up appointments with all supervisors to talk about the actual plan for the next six months. >> great. supervisor mar? >> thanks, chair farrell. thank you, ms. cavillo and ms. landis. i just wanted to say i'm very impressed how lean the office is, but how much we do with so little funds. i appreciate the cost savings that were made with different salary steps and other efforts to reduce the cost. and i'm also supportive of fully staffing the youth commission given their 17 members.
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the important increases to outreach to youth organizations, better development and capacity building for them. and also making sure that the commission lives up to its role advising the board. so, i'm really pleased for the changes and i'm supportive of the budget. >> thank you, supervisor mar. mr. chair, we're happy to return february 13th chance to talk to the other supervisors, not on the budget committee, about the budget so far? i want to make sure everyone has a chance to vet it before we send it forward. >> chair farrell, i have had an opportunity to speak with every supervisor on the department's budget. but again, more than happy to come back in february in the event there are new changes or new information comes to light. >> okay. colleagues, any preference here? i actually would be happy to approve it today and send it forward. >> i would actually -- i actually would like to keep it
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in committee. there could be changes that might come forward based on, you know, six-month report is coming out soon. that could change things we would expect as a city. i'd like to have information before making a final decision. >> sounds great. so, we will intend to do that, then. >> i would motion just to continue to the call of the chair and we'll schedule a date before maybe february 20th for it to come back. >> sounds good. we'll do call of the chair, but we'll open it up to public comment first. thanks, ms. [speaker not understood]. at this time open it up to ifctiontion. any members of the public who wish to comment on item number 10? seeing none, public comment is closed. * i would concur with that. let's why don't we call it to the call of the chair. ms. [speaker not understood], we can work on a date to come forward in february. thanks very much. we continue to the call of the chair without opposition. mr. clerk, do we have any other items? >> that completes the agenda for today. >> okay, meeting adjourned. [adjourned]
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>> superintendent carranza. >> thank you president norton. good evening ladies and gentlemen and by the way you're rolling your r's better and better every meeting. i am
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very impressed so ladies and gentlemen welcome this evening. i would like to share a few thoughts and they're some letters that parents and students have receiving at home. as you're aware the graduation requirements are more rigorous. due to the changes many of the students are missing one or more classes to graduate. while we have every confidence the students will make up the classes we through the support of the city of san francisco have received credit for earning options for the affected students which includes offering evening school for the first time in four years and online courses. to make sure that the families are available of the options we sent automatic robeo dialer calls to contact
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families and as well as a letter that families should have received from me. we encourage all students and families to review the transcripts and discuss the progress with their counselor. many have met with the counselor at high school and created a plan at krawgz and we want to thank you for your efforts. i also want to advise our parents just because you received a letter doesn't mean that your child is goofing off and not doing what they need to do, so let's make sure we're supportive and students are on track. if you received the letter feel free to visit your counselor to ensure that the records we have on file are accurate. please keep in mind when you sent the letters we measured credits in core subjects as of october 2012 so many things could have
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happened since then so be sure to check. during the meeting with the counselor we're going to ask that you have a review of the completion record that you create individualized graduation plan if it's necessary for up-to-date information on credit earning options please visit our website and be sure to make plans to visit with a counselor. i would also like to address a recent article that was in the news regarding a program that we have implemented in the school district to help increase our efforts in providing the best support to all of our students. our teachers have been receiving professional development in response to intervention which is rti. now the goal is provide schools and teachers for strategies for better meeting the needs of students with
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specific goals and general education and our diverse learners that benefit as you can understand from teachers with a repertoire of strategies. in gathering this general data we have contracted with pearson's review 360 and a screening tool that makes it easier to input aggregate behavioral student trends. i want to emphasize for the community that this universal screening is not a test or evaluation of students or pupils, but rather it's a teacher survey to collect teacher's observations of people's behavior. all of the information that is collected has been directly observed by families doing their daily responsibilities to manage student behavior. the survey doesn't require teachers to do psychological testing or any mental health assessments as stated in the letter. please
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note above that the universal screening data would be used to determine if there are enhancements needed to support students in school or what supplemental or methods are necessary. i also want to call everyone's attention this is mendoza and we have joining our president and celebrating january as national mentoring month and yes let's have a round of applause. [applause] this even we will honor two of our organizations, peer resources that will be transitioning to the san francisco unified school district and the mentor program in our department. both of the departments use the school
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based social workers and mentors to pair them and come from the community and our current staff at sfusd. we hope you consider serving as a mentor and supporting a program like this and last but not least to our mighty san francisco 49ers we want to join -- [applause] we want to -- >> superintendent. >> there we go. there we go. >> we have some faithful in the house. we want to join our mighty san francisco 49ers and our great city wishing our football players great success as in your quft for number six and we are proud of you and what you accomplished and look forward to celebrating on your return with the super bowl trophy so we wanted to wish you congratulations and i made a
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friendly bet with the superintendent in baltimore. >> what is he going to give us? >> he can't compete with our sour bow bread and chocolates so we are still negotiating but i will let you know how that turns out and to all of our school communities we want to wish everyone 100th day of school. yay. [applause] thank you all very much. >> thank you superintendent for that very news filled presentation. now, we have a number of recognitions and accommodations tonight. superintendent carranza would you present the rave awards please. >> yes president norton. we would like to present the rave distinguished service award this evening to a teacher and i would like to call to the podium principal carol fong who will make the presentation. [applause] >> good evening commissioners
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and superintendent carranza. thank you for building in an opportunity in our infrastructure to really truly recognize outstanding staff in district. i am carol fong principal at aloha elementary street and it's my pleasure to introduce you to this person. it takes a great person to be a great teacher so beyond effective academic delivery, a great teacher inspires and motivates learning and ms. quan is a great teacher. she not only inspires her students to learn. she has the same effect on her colleagues. her love of learning pushes us to stay on top of our game and integrity holds us accountable to our work. you can't get better for this. we want to recognize her for leadership and exemplary
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work with our students and it's my pleasure to present anna quan with the rave award. congratulations. [applause] >> just a few words. first and foremost i thank god for his unlimited grace and strength each day to teach children for the past 25 years at oloha school elementary. i can't believe i get paid for something that i love to do. you know it isn't the pay. it is the internal warm fuzzies they get everyday. i hum believey and gracefully accept this award on behalf of our community. last
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year under principal carol fong, her leadership, the school was awarded the blue ribbon the california distinguished and the title i. that's a triple crown in one year. [applause] now, that's just a glimpse of the school community. i am the one honored to be part of that school community. my service award reflects the outstanding driven leadership of principal carol fong that dedicated team of teachers, the parents who are -- who is the support glue between the child and the teachers, and the energetic students who make each educational day a fun,
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challenging, heart warming, a "yes you've got it day". thank you sfusd for giving me a third grade classroom where i can teach, nurse, parent, play, and serve the children of our future. it is a great honor and a heavy responsibility to educate them to read, write, communicate, problem solve, think critically, and make positive choices. lastly i especially want to thank my husband over there. horace and my two children matt and christina who is away at college for their endless support and dinners and the long evenings of events that i'm not home. i love you very much. you're all
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my support glue. thank you board of education members, superintendent carranza, principal carol fong, the teachers who are here and the great community for this great honor and award and recognition. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. we also like to call to the podium our chief of early learning carla bryant and director of early education to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the san francisco unified school district early education department. [applause]
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>> turn this -- >> good evening superintendent, president norton, vice mayor president fewer and board commissioners. it gives me great honor to talk about the wonderful history of the program now known as the early education department. the program has been in the district for 70 years serving family children from low income and high risk communities. we would like to take time in our day to actually celebrate those 70 years by actually doing besides the resolution two events. one is that we're going to have a
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dinner that will actually bring back former administrators, former site administrators, former ed's to come and just let everyone know the history of the program and the great work they have done, and also talk about the work we are going to do. the second thing we're going to do is also have a carnival for our families saying thank you. just thank you for bearing with us and helping us to grow and become a better program. to do this we have an amazing committee and there is a rolling joke about me is that i never come alone and i work with a team who allows me to work with them, and that team as you see them -- they're up here. i wanted to take time to say just thank you. they have -- they're busy people, and in their business lives they have taken time to actually put this celebration together so i want to publicly say thank you to
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candace lee, rebecca ya and iviling -- she's not here but thank you. marshy rukman and christie cook and sarah chew so these are site administrators, clerks, former teacher who is all weigh in about what they think the celebration should look like. to read the resolution i want to turn to our fearless leader over here, candace lee who has lead this committee in developing the resolution and the two events. >> good evening. in celebration of sfusd's early education department's 70th anniversary whereas sfusd early education department's preschool programs were established in 1943 by president franklin eleanor roosevelt work projects administration to provide the city's families with care and education for preschool age
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children during world war ii. whereas eed began with four sites. today eed has grown to 43 sites that serve over 4,000 students including infants, toddlers, preschool opportunities, transitional kindergarten, other students and tk as well as fifth grade students during non school hours. over 90% receive completely free or subsidized care based on their family income and more than 75% of families served a language other than english at home. whereas sfusd's strategic plan contains three main goals: access and equity, student achievement and accountability, and calls out the achievement gap as one of the greatest civil rights issues facing the district. whereas decades of research has shown that providing children with early education opportunities
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can have significant positive impact on their growth and academic achievement. in addition for students from families who face economic linguistic and other opportunity barriers the need for and impact of this early education investment is paramount. whereas sfusd is one of the few school districts throughout california that continues to invest in early education. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district celebrates the 70th anniversary of our early education department and our 70 year history of investment in preschool. [applause] i should have done this before the reading of the resolution so i apologize for the protocol. i need a motion and a second to hear the resolution. >> i move. >> second.
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>> thank you. with that taken care of are there any comments from the board or from the superintendent? vice president fewer. >> i think this is a wonderful celebration and it marks our commitment to early education and actually we are the largest provider of early education in san francisco, and so congratulations to all, and again could you tell us the dates of the celebrations so the public maybe available to participate. >> yes. the dinner is february 8 at 6:30 p.m. and the saturday event for the families is the next day, february 9. they like to get it done. >> and the location of the february 9. >> the ninth is at 20 cook street. >> from 10 to three. >> from 10 to three. >> well, i just want to congratulate you on all your
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good work thus far and it sounds like the celebrations, the twin celebrations are going to be a great way of celebrating the department. particularly i love that you're including the families in the celebration. i think that is wonderful. thank you. much deserved and here is to 70 more years. oh yes did you have more comments? >> yes, i wanted to thank ms. bryant for your hard work. there have been a lot of changes in the early education department. i know it's been a heavy left and thank your staff and recognize the classroom teachers in the program. i remember when my kids were that age it's a handful to manage kids at that age and express my appreciation and congratulations. >> thank you. now i believe we were going to have translated some of the details about the celebration.
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>> okay. the dates for the celebration. okay. [speaking spanish] location? >> [inaudible] >> [speaking spanish] >> okay [speaking foreign language] >> what time is it?
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>> >> [inaudible] >> [speaking foreign language] okay thank you. >> we will also be sure to post this information on the school district website so that all families can access it in multiple languages. >> okay. roll call please ms. cast co. >> ms. lee, ms. wong. >> yes. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. >> ms. haney. >> yes. >> ms. maufas. >> yes. >> ms. mendoza. >> yes. >> ms. wynns. >> thank you. >> ms. northon. >> yes. >> six aye's.
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>> all right. next we have a commendation on peer resources on national mentoring month. may i hear a motion and a second. >> so moved. >> i second. >> thank you. now commissioners murase or haney may read the commendation. >> yes, i would ask the commissioner to read the commendation for peer review. >> i would be happy to.
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whereas this has been national mentoring month and the school of health and program launched the program to highlight the mentoring and the development of young people and has gained the support of u.s. presidents and congress and such luminaries as myue angelou and peer resources offer a variety of programs for our students including retortive mediation on a peer to peer basis to promote academic achievement with student and prevent conflict and mitigations and healthy liching habits and empower students as agencies of change and whereas after participating in peer resources students reported statistically significant increases in school engagement, connectedness to
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school, school as a community, leadership, self efficacy, optimism, ability to make a difference in the community and relationships with peers and these are outlined with the strategic plan and the score card and whereas peer resources operate in 13 schools and and the schools listed and in 1112 touchedded fives of peer leaders who served sfusd students. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district on the occasion to the 2013 national mentoring month has student resources and participants and its dedicated staff and mentoring committee